Another Plea for Prayer

We really, really, really want our Travel Approval to come tomorrow.  According to our agency, tomorrow is that last day it can come in order for us to leave on the 4th.  Otherwise, we wait another week and leave on the 11th.  I know it’s just a week, but it is a WEEK and we’ve already waited so long.  Please pray with us that it will come tomorrow.

The last few days have been hard.  I was organizing Mei Mei’s clothes today and realized how much of it is summer clothes.  It’s still warm in China, but by the time we get back in late September, it won’t be warm here.  It makes me sad to think she’ll never wear those cute little summer dresses or tank tops.  I wish we could have had her all summer like we should have if our paperwork wasn’t stuck in the wrong department. 😦

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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4 Responses to Another Plea for Prayer

  1. Stacey says:

    Praying hard…a week is an eternity…

  2. Barbara Kline says:

    Kelly, we are praying. I will save warm coats for Ai Li. I think I have a lot of tights and sweaters too. I am so sorry you have to keep waiting. The good news is that you’ll have better weather in China.
    Hang in there and call anytime.

  3. Auntie Carrie says:

    Praying hard every day that Ai Li comes home soon. Sent her new picture to Dave who hopes to land in Tahiti around 9/17. Hopefully Ai Li gets home before he does! I can’t wait until Christmas this year.

  4. Mary Ellen Minyon says:

    So happy that you got your TA for your Huazhou Honey. Our Sara is from Huazhou SWI and I would love to follow your journey. Hope you get to go to the SWI, we were unable to.

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