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Lost in Translation

So, Kelly wants me to work on putting some video up on the blog.  Every time an opportunity has arisen to do so, we have an unscheduled “family moment” of some sort, generally a crying Li Li.  Seeing that she … Continue reading

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Another Good Day

Good news today – Li Li slept through the night last night!  Well, she actually cried with a night terror about an hour after falling asleep, and then was awake for about 45 minutes total, but we hadn’t gone to … Continue reading

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BaBa Keith’s Congee for Adoptive Parents

After returning from China with our Liliana, and knowing that congee was a daily part of our little girl’s diet, I decided that I should learn how to make this slimy porridge-like soup for her.  So while I was up … Continue reading

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Little Steps

Today was a good day with Li Li.  Last night was a different story, but we’ll start with the good. Keith was needing some sleep after a long night with her, so I got her up at 10:30 (yes we’re … Continue reading

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Yesterday was somewhat discouraging with Li Li.  She was not interested in me at all, and cried quite a bit when I was around.  She has a cold though, and I wonder how much that affected her mood yesterday.  Today … Continue reading

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Donation Drive Update

I contacted Love Without Boundaries before we left for China to see if they could find out what the orphanage needed.  They told me that they could purchase and deliver the needed supplies for us, and at a very good … Continue reading

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Needing Baba

A year ago today we thought we were pregnant.  Two days later I bled and we grieved the child that we had come to embrace.  Now, a year later we have the daughter we have hoped and prayed for.  Thank … Continue reading

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