Lost in Translation

So, Kelly wants me to work on putting some video up on the blog.  Every time an opportunity has arisen to do so, we have an unscheduled “family moment” of some sort, generally a crying Li Li.  Seeing that she is utterly more important than some silly video, she becomes the moment’s priority.  But alas, all is quiet in the house right now.  Sadly, I have no desire to edit video, so perhaps some time soon.  In the meantime, enjoy some of the rather humorous signage we came across from the land of our beautiful daughter.


I am not sure I know how to flap the glass, so they don’t need to worry about me doing so.


Good thing I wasn’t wearing my All-Stars!


I had to pull out my pocket “Websters” for this one.  It actually makes sense.

Main Entry: 1ret·ro·grade
Pronunciation: \ˈre-trə-ˌgrād\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin retrogradus, from retrogradi
Date: 14th century

1 a (1) : having or being motion in a direction contrary to that of the general motion of similar bodies and especially east to west among the stars <Saturn is retrograde for another week> (2) : having or being a direction of rotation or revolution that is clockwise as viewed from the north pole of the sky or a planet <a retrograde orbit> b (1) : moving, occurring, or performed in a backward direction (2) : occurring or performed in a direction opposite to the normal or forward direction of conduction or flow — compare anterograde 1 c : contrary to the normal order : inverse

September 15-16_20090915_2446

If you are going to brand your toy company, perhaps a spell check is in order?  I wonder what Will Smith has to say about this?

September 16-17_20090916_2490

I just laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and…

September 17_20090917_2638

More Laughing!

September 17_20090917_2640

Avoid “the” disturbance.  Apparently, it is not “if” but “when.”


And last but not least, my personal favorite.  “Recyclable” and wait for it…wait for it…”UNRecyclable.”

Now to find something else to do besides editing video.


About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to Lost in Translation

  1. Kim says:

    It looks like the safari park is a perfect place for signage! Crazy because it is new- along with the refurbished zoo. I would think someone in GZ could help with sign translation. But I appreciate that they have not found/hired that person yet.

    I read an article recently about how Shanghai is cleaning up all of those signs. I would love to find the dumpster….

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