Alone with Mama

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers after that last post.  Today I am feeling a little better.

Last night was the most difficult yet.  We had gotten used to her sleeping through the night, but she fooled us!  It was probably the immunizations of yesterday, but she seemed to cry through most of the night.  In the morning we took her temperature and it was 103!  After forcing meds down her (not fun in itself), it hovered around 100-101 most of the day.

After our discouraging day yesterday, Keith and I decided to try having him and Koen leave for much of the day so that Li Li would have to come to me for comfort and food…. I would have much rather entered such a day on more rest, but oh well.  I am still alive, thank the Lord.

Li Li actually did really well the first couple hours.  She ate lunch from me, we played happily, watched our China trip videos (this always cheers her up), we went to the park where she enjoyed the see-saw and watching the ducks…. and the whole time she would let me hold her hand or carry her.  When Keith is around she keeps her distance and clings to him.  She went down well for her nap (but wouldn’t snuggle with me while going down like she does with Keith – she just wanted me to put her in the crib and leave), but she woke up crying and cried off and on throughout the evening.  I couldn’t get her to eat any dinner.  I think she got two grapes and a couple noodles down.  She wouldn’t drink any milk, and very few toys kept her attention for more than a minute before she cried again.

I remained pretty positive and did about all I could until about 7 pm.  We just sat on our big brown chair together and watched TV.  Whenever I would talk to her, she’d start whimpering again.  I’m sure she was convinced Baba wasn’t coming back, even though I kept telling her otherwise.  When Keith and Koen finally did arrive, she started wailing and running for Baba.  That always makes me feel great!  We retried dinner and she ate well with him holding her and me spoon feeding her.

Praying again for a better sleep and better moods tomorrow.  At least Li Li and I got more touch in today.

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to Alone with Mama

  1. Theresa Harrington says:

    Baby steps..this was really a ‘good’ day in many ways. Alone time with definitely help her to bond with you. Stay strong! You are doing a phenomenal job!

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