Our Little Citizen

We received Li Li’s U.S. Certificate of Citizenship.  It looks so official!  It’s so fun to see our daughter’s name on an official American paper now.  Everything else has been in Chinese!  I am proud that she is an American, and it didn’t really hit me until I saw the certificate.  How cool is it that this little girl abandoned in a communist China is going to grow up in a free country with parents that love her?!  The Lord has plans for this little girl!

Li Li is continuing to show us more of her dark side.  She’s been testing us a lot, as has Koen, so I’m pretty exhausted and ready for them to be asleep at the end of the day.  But, even then relief is slow to come.  Now that they’re in the same room, it seems to take a lot longer for them to fall asleep.  The rules are no talking (Li Li doesn’t understand that one), and stay in your bed (Li Li is stuck in the crib anyway.)  Koen hasn’t been following these rules and is often upset at bed time, saying he’s not tired….. so he cries, then she cries…… Last night it took 2 hours.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

We had a scary moment with Li Li last night at bottle time.  Keith passed her to me as I sat to give her the bottle and he got up to go to the bathroom or something.  She usually cries, but this time she screamed and then heald her breath (like she does sometimes in a tantrum before the real hard crying begins.)  She was pushing away from me and obviously didn’t want me to hold her.  But, what scared us is that she continued to not breathe for much longer than usual.  I have joked before that maybe she will be a snychronized swimmer like her Mama because she can hold her breath for so long, but this time was too long.  As the seconds passed we wondered if she was choking and started to hit her back….. Keith got her up and turned the light on and realized she was really blue!  Just then she threw her head back, went limp and started to breath.  Within a few seconds she was totally calm – like she didn’t even know what had happened.  She had done this with me the other day and I wondered if she was actually about to pass out, but experiencing again confirmed it.

Any of you adoptive parents experienced this before?  It seems really extreme!

On a happier note, we’ve been carving pumpkins – way more than we’d planned.  Here’s the finished product:

CP Halloween _20091028_0045

Can you guess who's who?

Li Li will of course be a little ladybug (Chinese adoption symbol) for Halloween this year, and Koen a stink bug (which he is a little too proud of!).


They are actually both smiling!

CP Halloween _20091026_0019

Our community group's Halloween Party. Li Li and Koen are in the middle on the couch. From L to R, back row: doctor, 2 skeleton ballerinas, ladybug, stink bug, a fireman not in uniform, a fireman in uniform, a giraffe not in uniform. Front row: owl, ladybug, tulip. So cute!

We got to spend some time with another True Children’s Home Alumni last night – Li Li’s little friend “Mei Mei.”  Li Li is one year younger and came home one year later, so this family has been a great support to us as they have experienced much of what we’re going through.  We hope these two can grow up together.


Two Little Ladybugs! Mei Mei and Li Li

New words for today: “Apple” and “Wa han” for wash hands.  I counted up all her English words and she’s at 20 today!

Pray for me this weekend.  Keith will be gone much of it for a Crusade retreat.  I’m not sure how I’ll survive.

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We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to Our Little Citizen

  1. Auntie Carrie says:

    Hi Kelly,
    This “holding the breath” thing is pretty common in children when they are angry. Dave used to do the very same thing when he was her age. I spoke with the doctor about it and was told not to worry about it — children will hold their breath until they do pass out, at which time the brain instantly forces them to breath again. It’s scary, but not all that uncommon. Dave did it when he was mad, or if he got hurt — he would take that initial huge intake of breath to let out a loud cry. Once he took in that huge breath he would pass out for a split second, breathe and then scream! She is definitely “family” now — taking after her much older cousin David! 🙂

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