Today we had a speech evaluation through a county program and it went well.  The therapist came to our house and asked questions, we did paperwork, she listened to Li Li talk…..  Liliana did a great job and there are clearly some sounds she cannot make.  She wonders if Liliana has a fistula in her palate somewhere because the sounds she can’t make (K, G) are associated with fistula issues.  She said fistulas can be too tiny to see with your eye, or may just mean that the palate is thinner there.  This was never in her paperwork, and she has no eating or breathing issues associated with a palate issue, but when Children’s Hospital called a couple weeks ago to schedule her surgery, they mentioned a fistula.  They said that Liliana does have one and when I asked about it, I didn’t totally understand their answer.  I’m not sure how they knew she had one because they barely looked at her and didn’t do x rays or anything.  Maybe it was in her paperwork from China, but was in medical terms we didn’t understand?  Something to look into.

The therapist doesn’t think Li Li has any hearing issues, but does recommend we get her tested just to be sure.  We will meet again later this month and then start meeting regularly so she can teach Liliana to make those sounds that she can’t and so she can teach me to help Liliana as well.  It seems like a great program and I’m excited about it.

Our dentist appointment on Wednesday didn’t go quite so well.  Liliana got nervous as soon as we entered the waiting room, and when they took us back to the room she started crying.  Keith was holding her and felt her body tense.  Then all of a sudden she was coughing and threw up a little on Keith – all this before a dentist even came in the room.  The dentist found no problems with Liliana’s teeth, thankfully.  There was a little depression on her front tooth that we thought was a cavity, but because it is hard, the dentist said it is probably just a defect.  She filled it in with some goop.  She explained to us a little more about what Li Li will need down the road as she gets teeth in the spot where she has no bone (due to a cleft in the alveolar process).  Li Li cried through the visit and even once it was over didn’t calm until she was in the car.  The dentist said she was reacting in a typical way for a two year old, but we have to wonder what kind of traumatic experiences she’s had in her past.  It all makes me more nervous about how she’ll do when she had to stay in the hospital for a day or two for her surgery.

We’re off tonight for a lake house retreat tonight.  Happy Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and 5 Months with Li Li day – all on Sunday!  We won’t have internet access, so I’ll update you early next week when we get back.

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We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to Appointments

  1. Sandy says:

    Have a great time! We get to have the first dentist appointment on Mon- FUN!!
    Blessings, Sandy

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