Happy Easter!

My kids have had more than their fair share of egg hunts this Easter.  Yesterday a friend invited a bunch of kiddos over for a hunt in thier backyard.  It was cold and wet, but the kids had a good time and Li Li quickly caught on to the whole idea.

After Koen’s soccer game today we rushed to the end of the huge egg hunt our church was hosting.  Again, the kids had a good time and got their fill of sugar before nap.  Tomorrow my mom has a hunt planned for us at her place too.

Koen has had three soccer games so far.  He had a great time playing the first game, the second game we couldn’t get him to play anything the first half and then he’d only play goalie the 2nd half.  And at this mornings game, the same thing happened.  It’s so frustrating for me to have him not even try.  I’ve told him I just want him to try and to have fun.  He doesn’t seem scared.  He just seems like he is really testing us.  He finally played for five minutes at the end but insisted on holding his coach’s hand.  The smile on his face for those 5 minutes was HUGE though, so hopefully next time will go better.

I survived my 4 days without Keith and it actually went better than I expected.  Li Li would ask for him a couple times a day, but was never very upset that he was gone.  Both kids were pretty well behaved the whole time, thankfully.  The time parenting alone made me feel a little more confident about Li Li and I’s bonding.

As we’ve been preparing for Easter, I found the The Story of Jesus for Kids online and had Koen watch it.  He was really into it, even though it is geared for children a bit older than him.  He really seemed to enjoy seeing the Bible stories we’ve read come to life, and it helped him understand so much more.  He’s been talking a lot about Jesus and the cross the last couple days – asking hard questions like, “Why did Jesus die?”  “Why did they yell crucify him?”…….  When I was tucking him in one night he told me that he was going to “kill the soldiers so they wouldn’t kill Jesus.”  I’m a little worried about the violence of the statement, but what do I expect after having him watch people kill Jesus.  I explained that Jesus already died a long time ago and that He forgave those men, so we should too.  He wasn’t satisfied with that answer though.

Tonight we are going to make Easter Story Cookies.  For every step in the recipe there is a scripture to read and it leads you through the Easter story.  I hope this can become a tradition of ours.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter and that God opens your eyes more and more to understand His amazing gift and power.

The kids had fun dying Easter eggs.

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to Happy Easter!

  1. Reena says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Josie started dance classes and she would not really participate at first, but after a few weeks she started joining in more and more. I bet it is similar for Koen.

    I really like the Easter Story cookies! Thanks for sharing that link! I think I’ll add that to our family traditions next year.

    Happy Easter!

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