A Discovery

Liliana has a story – a personal story about her beginnings that is very unlike most of her American peers.  I want to protect her privacy and make what she shares of her story up to her as she grows.  So, in order to make that her choice, I can’t share many details, but I am happy to say that we found Lili’s finding spot on the map.  A “finding spot” is where the abandoned child was first found in China.  Many babies are found in a market, on a street corner, at an entrance to a park, in front of a hospital or orphanage……

When we were in China 11 months ago, in Lili’s paperwork was her finding ad.  With every child that enters an orphanage in China, an ad is placed in the newspaper in an effort to find the child’s family.  Within Lili’s finding ad is the youngest photo we have of her (it’s very fuzzy though) and the information about where she was found.  Our guide translated the ad for us and we looked up the finding spot on a map, but couldn’t find it.  We figured it was a mistranslation.

Well, as I’ve been thinking more and more about China and Lili’s beginnings and birth family, I decided to try searching again.  Google maps of China have become more detailed within the last year, because this time the spot showed up on the map of Huazhou, the city where she was born.  I was even more satisfied when I was able to find some pictures of the very spot through another Huazhou adoptive family who had traveled to the area recently.  Now I can picture the place in my mind and I’ll be able to share at least one more detail with her.  Every little detail helps, when much of your beginning is a mystery!

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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