An Attachment Milestone?

Now that the triathlon is over, I’m finding I have more time on my hands, and less stress.  I’ve even made dinner a few times lately!  Keith has been doing a lot of the cooking – which he is very good at and generally enjoys.

Koen loves preschool.  It’s hard for me to pull information out about his day afterward, but he always has good things to say once I pray it out.  He was a little disappointed that he didn’t learn to count to 100 on his first day.  My super smart kid – he’s trying to teach himself math now, practicing in the car with his fingers.  All on his own, he figured out 10-3 in the car with Keith yesterday.  I’m a little concerned he’s not making friends yet, but it’s only been 5 days so far.

One of the mornings that Koen is in preschool is my Bible study day at church.  Li Li has always enjoyed going to church and happily goes into Sunday school and childcare.  This week I got to church early and showed her the room she was going to go in.  She immediately started crying and clinging to me – she was VERY afraid.  The week before she had a great time in that room, so I’m not sure where the fear was coming from.  I walked her around and held her, trying to distract her.  It wasn’t working.  Eventually I took her into the childcare room and sat and played with her.  She calmed a little.  Once her good friend came, he took her hand and tried to help as I escaped.  Another mom stayed to watch and reported back to me that Li Li calmed down quickly, thankfully.  It was all very surprising to me.  I know it’s completely normal, but Li Li has never cried for ME when left with someone other than Papa.  During our first few months I would explain that I couldn’t leave Li Li in childcare or Sunday School until she was attached to me.  I said, “it sounds strange, but we want her to get to the point that she cries when we leave her, and then start leaving her.”  Well, she never did, until today.  Not sure if it’s a milestone in bonding, or just a strange day for Li Li, but it did feel good to be wanted.

So far, I’m loving the Bible study we’re doing.  It’s Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” and it’s been really good to have a study to keep me disciplined with my time in the Word.

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We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to An Attachment Milestone?

  1. GrammaE says:

    Hi Kelly —

    I truly think it has finally occurred and Lili does know who she trusts for her Mama, as well as her Papa. It just took a little longer than we hoped that she would be ‘vocal’ about it. Congratulations, Mama!

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