Li Li has now been in our family longer than she has been with anyone else.  We’re a little past the 13 month mark now.  She spent 4 months in an orphanage, 4 months in True Children’s Home, and 13 months with her foster family before we got to have her one memorable day in Guangzhou.  I feel like we’ve found our normal.  Not every day feels like we’re going to be okay, but most days do.

We enjoyed a sunny day at the pumpkin patch today.  Our adventures included a cow train ride for the kids and Keith and a corn maze.  Both kids did great in the maze and we didn’t have to carry Li Li at all!

Koen continues to enjoy soccer this fall.  He is a much better player than he was in the spring, and I think it is mostly due to maturity as he didn’t really play soccer all summer.  It’s fun to watch, for the most part.  That other part is when the highly competitive person in me forgets it’s about fun and that they are 4.

Koen is still enjoying his preschool and even has a little girlfriend.  We’ve met the in-laws and approve so far.  Play date number two is scheduled for later this week.  🙂

Keith hurt his back again a week ago and is still hobbling around.  Poor guy.

We’ve been enjoying a series our church is doing: The Purpose Quest.  For 6 weeks we are studying and praying about what our calling is – our God given gifts, talents and desires.  It’s been good so far and we’re enjoying getting to know a few more people in our church through our weekly group gatherings.

Well, there’s a random update for you all!  Thanks for following along with our lives.


A sunny day at the pumpking patch. Aren't the sweaters Grammi made them cute?!



My big soccer star. He really loves playing goalkeeper.


Li Li and her two favorite things of the day: Her “pine cone” (pumpkin) she picked out today, she’s been carrying it around since.  And, her gray “titty” (we’re working on the K sound). We sent this kitty to her while she was in China, but she didn’t seem at all attached to it when we got her. It ended up at the bottom of a toy box and was recently rediscovered. Now it’s always with her.

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We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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