Summer Randomness

I am sorry to have abandoned blogging for so long!  The less structured schedule of summer and the time I spend on my computer doing Love Without Boundaries “work” means less time for blogging.  Really though, there hasn’t been a lot to write about when it comes to adoption.

I feel less and less like an adoptive family, and more like a “normal” family.  We are nearing our two year mark with Liliana, and she has now been with us longer than she wasn’t with us.  The road was rough at the start, but now most of what we deal with is normal kid stuff – the tantrums, the drama, the testing of the limits.

We finally moved our little girl into her big girl bed last week.  Mama and Aunt Betsy finished the bird quilt that I started two years ago, and Li Li loves her new bed.  However, the rule is she stays in it.  If she stays in it for 7 nights, she earns a stuffed animal from her new surrogate auntie.  On night number 7 we caught her crawling on top of her dresser (!!!!) and she was heartbroken when she realized the gravity of the situation.  Hopefully she will learn.  Her big brother never got out of bed, but number 2 is a little less of a rule follower so far.












Hmmm… Other highlights of this summer so far:

Koen can ride his bike without training wheels and is out riding every sunny day (which isn’t really all that often here in the northwest). Li Li follows behind on her trike.

No camping yet, but we did spend a few fun days in Salem over the 4th.  Koen experienced the fireworks show from beneath a thick blanket with ear protectors on.  Even though he was scared, afterwards he said “that was a fun night!”

Fun day on a boat with good friends exploring Lake Washington, Lake Union and the Ballard Locks.  The kids had their first tubing experience and loved it.

Li Li and I got our hairs cut (all of them).  She’s back to the same due she had when we got her.

First theater movies for the kids – first Winnie the Pooh, then Cars 2 (I’m a poet!!).  They loved both of them, but I am was disappointed that Cars 2 was as violent as it was.

Koen played a season of T ball through our YMCA and loved it.  I was bored.

I had friends shower me with fun things for my birthday – Indian food and kayaking with one, sushi and a movie with another, fondue too!

Koen got to participate in a soccer camp run by a Christian sports group in the area – 4 hours a day of pure fun and quality training.  We both loved it.

Koen at soccer camp

This week both kids are at our church’s VBS sports camp and loving it as well.  It’s in the evening so Keith and I get date nights.

I’m training to do my 2nd triathlon (same one I did last year), and am already feeling more prepared than I did before.  Hoping I do well.

Friends just brought home their little boy from India and I am sooooo excited for them.

Lots of cleft lip and palate repairs through Love Without Boundaries that I’ve gotten to help coordinate.  I love my volunteer position!

I got an iPhone – already addicted to several games.

Keith is still working on getting the coffee business started.  The route it has taken is different that we originally envisioned, but less risky and falling into place.  He is selling coffee accessories like pots, grinders, presses, cups and saucers…. and working on getting the website ready to sell it all.  I’ll post it when he’s done.

Lots of BBQs with friends, and a nice hike to the beach.

Even though summer hasn’t quite hit the Seattle area, we have had some fun times.

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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1 Response to Summer Randomness

  1. Reena says:

    Hi Kelly, Everyone looks and sounds wonderful! Good luck with the ‘staying in bed.’ We are continually corraling the girls back to their beds in the evening. My current threat is ‘no gum’ the next day if they get out of bed more than two times.

    Gum– it is a new thing for them that I am still not sure how it got started!

    Have a great summer!

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