A Divine Meeting

Two and a half years ago, within a day or two of seeing our daughter’s face for the first time in an email, I found her face on a website.  My hand was shaking and my heart was racing as I explored that website to learn more about my daughter and the wonderful people who were caring for her.  I was excited, relieved….very happy.  I had been since the moment I first saw her face – there were no tears, just smiles from me.  That is, until I stumbled upon this photo and note in one of the True Children’s Home newsletters on that website:

Thank you Marybeth (teacher) and QSI students for raising funds to sponsor Ai Li’s cleft lip surgery.

That was when the tears finally started flowing.  The Hand of God was so, so obvious when I saw this picture.  He chose a class of girls in southern China, that were students from around the world, to do bake sales and raffles in order to help my daughter.  My daughter who had been abandoned, lived in an orphanage, and then was REDEEMED.  She is oblivious to the love shown to her by these beautiful ladies as she sleeps in Marybeth’s arms, but one day I hope she truly realizes it was the Lord taking care of her.

The story about this class goes on.  I saw the name of the teacher in that newsletter and contacted True Children’s Home, asking if they could help me get in touch with Marybeth so I could thank her and the class.  I sent Marybeth an email, and I learned another amazing “God Thing” from her – she is originally from Washington, from a town not too far from our home.  She was delighted to hear Ai Li had been matched with a family and told me she was about to be married and moving to another country to teach.

Awhile later, after our daughter came home, I sent her an update, and still a while later, yesterday actually, we were able to finally meet.  Marybeth and her husband and baby daughter came over for a few hours and we had a delightful visit.  They are headed off this week to be missionaries in eastern Europe, using (get this!) coffee as a way to build relationships.  I am so glad they took time out of their last week in the US to meet us and see how well this little baby that Marybeth helped 3 years ago is doing now.

Marybeth even had more pictures to share with us of that day she met our 7 month old daughter:

I love to see these students delighting in our daughter.

A great smile captured.

Li Li was the starfish they chose to save.

I am so glad they were there to cuddle you Li Li, when you were getting sleepy. This is Jenny Smith, the TCH Assistant Director holding Li Li.

Sleeping in Marybeth's arms.

My sleeping beauty!

Oh I wish I could have known her then….What did it feel like to hold her warm little body?  To feed her?  To hear her first giggles and babbles?

And this is Li Li with Marybeth yesterday:

(Li Li is wearing part of her costume - just had to make sure you know I don't normally dress her like this!)

Thank you Jesus for orchestrating such wonderful things!  And thank you Marybeth and the QSI class for the difference you made in our daughter’s life!

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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2 Responses to A Divine Meeting

  1. Auntie Carrie says:

    What a wonderful story, Kelly. God is truly Great. Who could have imagined MaryBeth was from Washington, and you would finally meet her, and she would see that Li Li is with the PERFECT family!

  2. Amy says:

    WOW!!! Truly God only God

    What precious pictures of LiLi, such a sweet little baby girl.

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