Christmas 2011

This Christmas was a good one for our family.  While there were moments of stress for Mama, it all came together and we especially enjoyed our Advent book tradition, that helps us focus on Jesus.  Finances have been tight, but the Lord delivered our adoption tax credit just in time for Christmas.  I made many of the gifts we gave, so that saved on money too, and made the gifts more special.

Making a New Handprint Decoration for our home.

Koen singing in his school Christmas program, "Camel Lot"

Gingerbread House making with our friends.

Reading our Advent Book, like we did almost every night leading up to Christmas

Li Li singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" with the preschoolers during our church Christmas Eve service. She sang loud like I told her and danced a little off-beat.

Christmas Eve at Grammi's. My two special monkeys, with their two special monkeys, Foo Foo and Mortimer

And the Gift Opening Began!

Li Li's new Hello Kitty hat made by Auntie Carrie

Tradition photo in front of Grammi's tree

The kids were excited about the Superhero capes I made them

Super Heros fighting fire! - Or blowing out Jesus' birthday trifle for him.

After Grammi’s house, we went home and had our traditional Christmas Ever slumber party in front of the tree, starting around midnight (yes we were a little off schedule!).  Followed by a yummy french toast breakfast, a few more gifts at home, and then packing to head to Oregon.  On the way we stopped at my aunts house, and then again at Keith aunt and uncle’s house in Portland.  We finally made it to Gramma’s around 10 pm.  The next morning we had another Christmas.

Morning after the slumber party - note who is still slumbering!

With Grampa on Christmas Day

Showing Gramma the photo album they gave her.

Papa opened a gift bag with Li Li inside!

Koen likes his new scooter!

This Christmas we were constantly reminded of the blessing that our family and friends are in our lives.  God has given us so much and we praise Him for his generosity and goodness to us!

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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