Starting Another Adoption

Expecting from China

Since bringing Li Li home in 2009, we have wanted to start another adoption.  We have always known that the Lord had more children out there for our family, but planned to move and be more financially stable before pursuing them.  God had other plans though, and we will be filling this 2-bedroom condo up with a whole lot of love!

It started with a little boy, Jose, in my LWB program.  His smile is contagious and he captured some of my heart when he had palate surgery.  Later we heard that he was listed for adoption and no one was choosing him.  I finally called the agency he was listed with and learned that only families who were “paperwork ready” (meaning their dossier was in China), could be matched with him.  I wasn’t too disappointed, but had wanted to ask just in case we were the family for Jose.  We aren’t, but God used this cute little boy to help us realize we need to be paperwork ready for when the right child does come along.  Then in November, our agency, Agape Adoptions, was offering a discount on the application fee for National Adoption Month.  We decided to apply, thinking that we would take it slow and take the next steps after moving to a new home.  We thought we’d get the discount and then take the next steps when we were ready.

Jose 10-15-13 8

Jose in 2013, just before his palate surgery. 

A week later though, I talked with our agency, and from that conversation came away with the feeling that we are to move forward NOW.  God has given us peace about moving forward, and we are excited at the possibility of having another child in our arms by this time next year.

So, we are gathering paperwork and about to schedule our first home study visit.

We don’t know who we are pursuing yet.  We’re still disagreeing on what gender our next child will be.  We also don’t know where the funding will come from, but He provided last time, and we’re trusting Him to do so again.  God’s timing is different than ours and we’re excited to see how this adoption progresses.

We plan to update this blog often on the process and would love your prayers over the process and our child who awaits.  Thank you for sharing in our excitement.


About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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