I didn’t expect this feeling of helplessness to set in so early on.  We’ve done all our paperwork – now we wait and there’s nothing we can do to speed the process, except pray.  Our agency sent us the rough draft of our home study yesterday.  Within 2 hours I sent back our edits, but learned that they are waiting for our WA state child abuse clearances still.  What’s frustrating is that this was the first form we filled out – back in November.  The mistake I made was emailing an electronic version back to our agency, not knowing they needed a printed version mailed to them.  The mistake they made was not notifying us of this until January 29th.  (Actually they may have notified us earlier, but something strange is happening with our emails from them and they don’t all make it through).  So, now that is holding up our home study being finalized.  I was praying it would come in today, but it looks like it didn’t 😦

Once our home study is finalized, it goes to the US Department of Immigration (along with a check that is bigger than it should be) so that the government can approve us to adopt.  That can take 5-8 weeks, and then we send all that off to China.  I am hoping that can happen by early April – by Easter would be a nice goal.  Soon after that we could be matched with a child.

Keith still isn’t quite as passionate as I am about adopting a boy.  Praying God guides us both clearly.

Big adoption payments are looming on the horizon and we don’t have a way to pay for them right now.  We are thankful for some donations from friends and family, and are hoping that more comes in soon.  Jehovah Jireh is God our Provider and I need to remember that.  He provided before and will again.

Once our home study is done we can begin applying for grants (see how important that document it is!) and I’m also brainstorming some fundraising ideas.

It’s a good things I’ve got these two weirdos to keep my busy during this wait.

China 4-27-14_20150125_101320140719_151107_Android

In other news, Keith is coming out of a near-death battle with a cold (note sarcasm here), and now it’s my turn.  I was warding it off with green smoothies, oranges, elderberry syrup and oregano oil, but it wasn’t to be.  I have committed to homeschooling again next year, and am not sure how we’re going to do it with another one, and a likely little one, in the home.  I also committed to head coaching the summer swim team again, which will start in mid-May.  My blood pressure rises just thinking about it, but for the most part, I kind of like it, and we need the money for our adoption.  Li Li’s gymnastics coach pulled me aside this week and encouraged me to put her in the JO program because of her physical talent and desire to learn.  It was great to hear them praise her character and say what a delight she is to coach, but I’m not sure we are ready for more of a time and financial commitment (especially the $ part!).  However, if you know me, you know my heart soars to think of her being a successful gymnast.  But, can I be a good mom and have her in a more competitive program – not sure?  One of my greatest strengths and weaknesses is that I’m competitive, and I’m not sure she’s as driven as I.

Another decision is about moving.  Now’s not a great time, especially since our home study is about done, but maybe we’re supposed to move now and that’s why our home study is being held up.  There’s a little more talk of switching houses with my mom.  It would be nice for many reasons – especially because Keith could continue to roast from her garage, we’d have more space, and it’d be much closer for my swim team commute (which can be difficult at 6 AM for morning practices).

Lots to pray about and for.  And I keep picturing a little baby boy who is thin and has a large cleft lip, laying alone in an orphanage in China – I pray for him all the time.  He keeps me up at night.  I want to go and love him.

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We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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