Although I was ready to head home, it is very bittersweet for me to leave China and take my two adopted children from their homeland.  Six years ago I had the same feeling with Li Li.  I looked out that plane window and said thank you to a vast country for letting me adopt and parent and watch my little girl grow.  Yesterday, while a little boy wiggled and squirmed in my lap, I said thank you again, fighting back tears.

Really there are so many to thank for this gift.  Of course, I believe it is God who put Micah in our family, and I thank Him.  God used many others to orchestrate it all though.  From our wonderful agency, Agape Adoptions, to the orphanage staff that prepared his paperwork, to the civil affairs office, to the leaders of both our nations who agreed to join the Hague Convention, to our friends and family who donated toward adoption costs, to nannies who held and fed my boy, to a woman who I may never know who is feeling the emptiness in her arms and heart.

It’s always easier to be thankful when your child is sleeping – you forget the tantrums, the demands, the blown out diaper…. And perhaps I’m a little more emotional because I’m exhausted from jet lag, but I am feeling very thankful right now. I can’t believe I get to be Micah’s mom.  I can’t believe the Lord would be so good to me as to give me three precious children.

So, the details of our day weren’t really all that interesting, but to help jog my memory years from now, I will note:

-The flight home went quicker than expected.

-Micah squirmed a lot the first two hours, ate a lot, pooped a lot, and then slept pretty much the whole way.  He was on my lap about half the time and then on Keith’s.  He’d squirm every now and then and start to cry, but we’d shove an empty bottle in his mouth quickly and he’d back to sleep.

-We each watched about 3 movies on the seat backs.

-Koen and Li Li had to do math and journaling before earning their movies.  Sadly, Li Li’s journal didn’t make it home.

-I didn’t sleep at all.  In fact, when I started to try to sleep, I started to feel nauseous, so I opened my eyes and started another movie.  Koen slept the most out of us.  I moved partially into Li Li’s seat, so he could have more space and lie down comfortably.


-About a half hour before landing we changed the kids into their patriotic clothing to prepare for Micah becoming an American citizen.  A few moments later Micah threw up on his new outfit, and on Keith.  Yummy.

-Once we landed, we were guided into the customs line for people with Visas from China.  Later our friends who had stopped at the bathroom, were guided straight to the customs agent.  I climbed out of our long line and asked their agent if we could come over too, even though 2 others had said no.  It worked and we were through customs in no time.  However, by now Micah had pooped yet again and had to be changed (while sleeping) before meeting the rest of his family.

-We were happily welcomed by friends and family near the baggage claim.  Micah work up after about 10 minutes with our greeting party, and rewarded them with his cute little smiles.

12036882_10153649429902442_612583666030116687_n 12043012_10153649429772442_6874015899267433307_n 12079262_10153649429702442_6003036319773456992_n

-Micah doesn’t like the car seat.  He cried about half of the way home despite being handed snacks and a bottle on the way.

-Once home there were gifts and welcoming decorations awaiting us on our doorstep, and inside.

_20150928_2816  _20150928_2818

_20150928_2817 _20150928_2819

-Micah enjoyed some new freedom, being allowed to crawl around on the floor (it has now turned into more of a normal crawl and less of an army crawl).  He met our kitty and was quite happy.


-We made it to about 7 pm and then went to bed.  Micah awoke for a bottle around 11 pm, and then was wide awake at 1am.  Keith took the first shift and ended up making him chicken congee.  They both finally came back to bed around 5am, when my shift started.  Thankfully, Micah slept through my shift.  This morning I got up at 7:30 to get the kids off to our homeschool class, which my mom took them too.  I got Keith and Micah up around 9:30, and Micah was happy.

-Micah and I enjoyed our time together today (it was nice to have the bigger two gone for a bit), and he took a good morning nap, but later refused an afternoon nap.

-This evening a friend took my kids to soccer practice, but I wanted to get out of the house and pick them up.  Micah hated his time in the car.  I decided to be mega-mom and stop at the grocery store on the way.  But I didn’t realize until I was checking out that I hadn’t put my credit or bank card back in my purse yet, and only had $8 in cash to buy things with.  Sadly, I had to leave most of my healthy baby fruits and veggies there.  At the field, Micah was greeted by many new friends who all think he’s adorable (he is!).  He’s going to be one spoiled little kiddo.

-At home I fed Micah and started to change him when I realized he had pooped out of his diaper (a first with us), and he needed a bath.  I had planned to get him down earlier, but he didn’t go down until 8 pm.  He fell asleep with only half of his bottle taken, and just woke up at 10pm for the rest of it.

Now I know my blog will be way less interesting, but I do plan to keep updating it.  Thanks so much for following along and for your prayers and encouragement.

About kelly_e

We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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