An Unexpected Hospital Stay

On Monday the doctor mentioned hearing something in Micah’s lungs.  We thought he was on the tail end of what he had in China.  But on Wednesday morning he woke up with a wheeze.  It wasn’t bad in the morning, but it gradually got worse through the day.  At his bedtime bottle he was struggling to eat because he was having a hard time breathing.  Keith took Micah to the Children’s Hospital Urgent Care Clinic near us around 9 pm.

Not knowing much of Micah’s medical history, they were concerned about him.  After a dose of Albuterol, he improved and got super hyper.  The clinic was closing and they didn’t feel comfortable sending him home, so Keith and Micah got to go in an ambulance to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Keith said that ride was rather painful (Micah hates to be strapped in a car seat and he was hyper from the meds).  When he got to the hospital, he quickly gained quite a fan club.  Keith said at one point there were about 6 people in the room enjoying his cuteness and then staff lining up outside of the glass door too.

My mom came to stay with the big two and I made my way to the hospital at about this time.  They took an x-ray of Micah’s chest and his lungs were clear, ruling out the pneumonia that we were fearing.  Back in the little ER room we’d been assigned, had us hold a mask puffing more Albuterol into Micah, and the whole dose took about an hour.  This was the most torturous part of our stay.  Micah thrashed and screamed pretty much the whole hour.  Poor little guy.

Sleeping in our little room in the ER after the albuteral treatment.

Sleeping in our little room in the ER after the Albuteral treatment.

After the treatment he was breathing better.  The doctors decided they weren’t comfortable sending us home as often these things get worse on day two.  So, Keith headed home and Micah and I were admitted to the hospital.  We made it to our room at about 4 AM and finally got a bit of sleep.  Nurses were coming in and out of the room about hourly, and by 7AM we were up to see the doctor.  Micah was a trooper and quite happy the whole time.  He seemed to enjoy his big high crib.  I slept on the window bench, but was quick to get to him when he was awake.  The diagnosed him with bronchiolitis (which is a bit further into the lungs than bronchitis).

Keeping busy in the crib.

Keeping busy in the crib.

Naps were super short and Micah was an over-tired hyper most of the day, but his breathing was improved.  We were finally sent home around 5 pm.

Waiting for Papa to pick us up - he's a climber!

Waiting for Papa to pick us up – he’s a climber!

Thankfully, we all slept well Thursday night.  Micah slept through 12 hours and didn’t need a bottle.  He did the same Friday night.  When he’s sleeping he breathes fine, but during meals and first thing in the morning he sounds pretty bad.  He is contagious so we’ll try to stay home more.

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We live in WA state and have been traveling the road of adoption since 2/07. We have a biological son who is a joy and look forward to bringing home his sister soon.
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